Why Should I order a Banner?

A banner can be the makings of a great movement towards safety in any workplace. After creating a safe environment that your workers can thrive in; maintaining that safety may seem daunting. Adding safety banners to your workplace is a great step to reinforce the values and standards you've worked so hard to create. Banners are an outstanding motivational tool that make safety a priority in your facility. They are a great visual aid and reminder to uphold safety. Putting these banners in easy to see places, like the break room or near exits will provide a constant reminder to practice standard safety habits in and out of the workplace.


What's the Difference?

Now that you've found a banner you like; ordering may seem like a confusing task. What's the difference between materials? Which works best inside or outside?

The material is mainly for determining where your banner will be placed: inside or outside. There are 4 options you can choose from:

-Single-Sided Vinyl

-Single Sided Mesh

-Single-Sided EcoMark +$70.00

-Double-Sided Vinyl +$100.00


We use a scrim vinyl as our option for the Single and Double Sided Vinyl Banners. This is what makes it durable and helps it endure weather conditions. The banners come with a high denier count of 1,000. This generally means it has a higher density of mesh fibers and has a smoother surface. The Double-Sided banner is more tear resistant and has a block out layer for a better quality print.


Our mesh banners have micro punctures for a 37 percent better air flow. They are great for outdoor areas, and only print single sided. These are lightweight (13oz.), work well in high wind conditions, and open areas where the banner will be subject to the elements.


This is a new addition to our store. This banner is recyclable. It is also UV, water, and scratch resistant. This is a higher quality banner made for any environment. It is also machine washable. This banner is a higher quality, and has more durability in the elements.


You can add your Company Logo, a Stock Logo, plus a Slogan to any of our designs. Banners can be Horizontal or Vertical. If you do not see a design that you like, we will create one for you and add it to our selection. Shop our Safety Banners section for a wide variety of motivational, educational, and durable banner designs! We look forward to hearing from you!