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North Carolina Star Program

The Carolina Star Program is designed to recognize and promote effective safety and health management systems. In Star, management, labor and OSH establish a cooperative relationship at a workplace that has implemented a strong program.

  • Management agrees to operate an effective program that meets an established set of safety criteria.
  • Employees agree to participate in the program and work with management to ensure a safe and healthful workplace.
  • OSH initially verifies that the program meets Star criteria. We then publicly recognize the site's exemplary program and remove the site from routine scheduled inspections lists. (OSH may still investigate major accidents or fatalities, valid formal employee complaints and chemical spills.)
  • Becoming a Star participant shows employees and the community that your company is a leader in safety and health.

Carolina Star - Recognizes worksites that are self-sufficient in their ability to control hazards at the worksite.

Rising Star - Recognizes worksites that have good safety and health programs but must take additional steps to reach Carolina Star quality.

Building Star - Recognizes construction worksites and/or companies (to include general contractors and subcontractors) that have Carolina Star quality safety and health programs but require demonstration of approaches that differ from current Carolina Star requirements.

Public Sector Star - Recognizes state agencies and local governments for their leadership and success in providing a safe and healthy work environment.


Benefits of Being a Star Site:

  • Improved employee motivation to work safely, leading to better quality and productivity
  • Reduced worker's compensation costs
  • Recognition in the community
  • Improvement to safety programs through internal and external review
  • A safer workplace as Star participant sites generally experience from 60 to 80 percent fewer lost workday injuries that would be expected of an "average" site of the same size in their industries.


Special Star Team Member (SSTM) 

The SSTM Program is North Carolina’s version of federal OSHA’s Special Government Employee (SGE) Program. Participants are Star site employees and independent private sector safety and health professionals associated with the Carolina Star Program. Certified SSTMs have the opportunity to work together in partnership with the NC Department of Labor (NCDOL) Star staff during onsite evaluations. This volunteer program not only benefits the NCDOL Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) by supplementing its onsite evaluation teams, but provides Star sites, SSTMs and the Star Program an opportunity to collaborate, share ideas and perspectives. The SSTM Program is a state and federal pilot program that will be monitored by both state and federal officials.

SHARP - Safety and Health Achievement and Recognition Programs

Employers that successfully complete all the requirements of a full-service safety or health consultation may be eligible for deferral from corresponding routine compliance inspections. Employers in general industry may apply for recognition in (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program SHARP). Employers receive a certificate of recognition and exemption from programmed compliance inspections, which can be renewed for consecutive years. For more information on SHARP, please refer to our CSB brochure, talk to your consultant or call our office today.

SHARP (Construction)is one of the most prestigious safety and health recognition programs for the construction industry in North Carolina. This program is designed for construction worksites with comprehensive effective safety and health programs, making them leaders in employee protection. NCDOL and the Consultative Services Bureau continue to work with general contractors in North Carolina and have worked hard to reduce fatalities and costly injuries in the construction industry.

SHARP (Logging) is an outreach program to the logging operations associated with felling and moving trees and logs from a worksite. The Consultative Services Bureau and NCDOL’s intention is to build a strong foundation within the logging industry, while recognizingSHARP Logging sites that are “a cut above the rest” in this very dangerous industry.

Safety Award Program

The N.C. Department of Labor’s Safety Awards Program recognizes private and public firms throughout the state that achieve and maintain good safety records. The program is designed to stimulate interest in accident prevention and to promote safety in the workplace by providing an incentive to employers and employees to maintain a safe and healthful workplace.

In operation since 1946, the program now extends to more than 5,000 firms, and about 3,000 awards are presented annually. Two types of awards are administered through the program: Annual Safety Awards and Million-Hour Awards.

Annual Safety Award

To qualify for an annual safety award, a firm must:

  1. Have no fatalities during the calendar year at the site or location for which the award was given and; and
  2. Have maintained an incidence rate at least 50 percent below the average for its particular industry group. 

There are two award levels distributed - gold and silver. The Gold Award is based on the DART rate, which includes cases of days away from work, restricted activity or job transfer. See lines H and I of the OSHA form 300A to determine the DART rate. The Silver Award is based only on cases with days away from work. They are recorded when the worker misses at least one full day of work, not including the day of the injury. See line H of the OSHA Form 300A to determine the number of cases with days away from work.

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