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The Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Program (VOSHA) 


The Vermont State Plan applies to all state and local government and private sector workplaces in the state, with the exception of federal government workers, the United States Postal Service, private sector maritime activities (shipyard employment, marine terminals, and longshoring), and military bases, which are subject to federal jurisdiction. 

Unique State Regulations and Standards

 VOSHA has adopted most OSHA standards by reference. There are two state-specific standards in effect at this time: 

  • Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs)

  • Lineworker Safety

Enforcement Programs

 VOSHA Compliance is responsible for the enforcement of VOSHA safety and health standards. The VOSHA Field Inspection Reference Manual (FIRM) provides guidance for the enforcement programs. Compliance officers inspect workplaces for hazardous conditions and issue citations where violations of VOSHA regulations are found. Inspections may be the result of: regular scheduling, imminent danger reports, fatalities, worker complaints or referrals. Information on unique enforcement initiatives or local emphasis programs can be found on the Vermont State Plan website. 

Voluntary and Cooperative Programs

 VOSHA offers voluntary and cooperative programs that focus on reducing injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. VOSHA also offers on-site consultation services which help employers - both state and local government and private sector - comply with VOSHA standards and identify and correct potential safety and health hazards. For more information on these programs, please visit the Vermont State Plan website.

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