Engagement Program

What Makes VPP Store's Engagement Program Different?

VPP Store's Engagement Program was created as a response to what is currently available in the line of “safety incentive programs.”

It addresses and eliminates individual problems that the old programs had, and works to be much more effective in helping your organization accomplish your safety goals.  Many current safety incentive programs include rewarding employees (often with cash bonuses) for going extended periods with no reported incidents.  There are a couple of problems with this.  More often than not, this type of program leads to under reporting of incidents.  This has become such an issue, in fact, that OSHA may lead to corrective action if they discover your company using a program that leads to inaccurate recording in any of your safety documentation. Also, using cash as an incentive is never a good idea.

Studies have shown that employees tend to view regular “bonuses” as part of their income, and the cash will not act as motivation for them to change their behavior (but isn’t that what an “incentive” is all about?).  VPP Store's Program differs from this structure entirely.  It focuses on using on-the-spot recognition of safe work practices and offering a variety of quality rewards to modify employee behaviors and attitudes long-term in order to develop a culture of safety in your organization.  Having absolutely no record keeping requirements also makes VPP Store's Engagement Program a better option.

What makes us so great?

  • There are no points, no games and no jackpot.
    • This enables you to focus all of your record-keeping time on OSHA-required paperwork.
    • Employees receive a recognition card on the spot, they redeem the card that same day for a reward, and that’s it!
  • This type of program is successful because studies have shown that what employees desire even more than money is to feel noticed and appreciated.
  • The daily interaction among supervisors and employees encouraged by VPP Store's Program promotes open communication.
  • Employees are encouraged to approach their supervisor if they encounter an unsafe condition (rather than going straight to OSHA).
  • Supervisors are encouraged to listen to employee suggestions because they work in the dangerous conditions every day and their ideas may be valid.
VPP Store's Programwill give your employees a sense of teamwork. Each member of the company needs to adopt an attitude that the entire organization is working together to develop a culture of safety. Once this culture is formed, worker’s compensation costs will drop and OSHA citations will disappear.
We are working on adding our Engagement Program to our store. Until then, please Contact Us with any questions.